Saturday, 30 January 2010

tune time

just a few that are tickling my fancy at present.

I have had this song for a while, since I bought the album,
but the newly arrived video has refreshed my love.

Kate, Alice and I were watching this last night, and came to the consensus that, for some inexplicable reason, good old Marcus, Ted, Ben and Winston just have the power to make us happy. I hope it's the same for you... And if you ever get the chance to see them live, JUMP at the oppurtunity because trust me you will NOT regret it!!!!

2) A track from the newish Cold War Kids EP

utter tuuuune. I love it; great for walking around to. My utmost thanks go out to the kidzzz - this is currently stuck on repeat on my pod.

3) Nighttiming by Coconut Records

This one isn't new at all, in fact from their 2007 album, but it seems I've been a bit slow on the uptake with this lot as I have only just discovered them!! This is slick and fun. And most definitely danceable to!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Took the 61 bus to remind me of you

Don't you hate it when you find out about a band, buy their album, really like it,
then find out they only made 1 CD before splitting up?? It sucks, man. Like, totally.

My prime examples at the moment:

Rosie and the Goldbug.

who: an alt-pop-ish, electro-rock-ish trio, once described as
'Kate Bush on crack with goldfrapp on synths.'

reason for split: unknown... all we were left with was a post on myspace in august last year saying
'Rosie and the Goldbug are over.'

hmm... weirdness.. and they never went into detail.
however Rosie has announced a new project starting out, Ruby Vamp.
I wonder what they come up with....

top choooon:


who: indie rock band, with lots of electronic-y influence

reason for split: all 'gone off to do different things.'
they split after Glastonbury last year, which was their last gig.

I found this band randomly, I think when just browsing itunes, bought a couple of songs,
then bought their debut album, 'Control' cheap off amazon... I really love it, so when I found out they'd
disbanded I was pretty gutted :(

top choooon:

In other news, I saw an amazing play, all about Antonin Artaud, the frenchman who came up with the concept of the theatre of cruelty. It was a monologue, and also performed by the man who wrote it, from a theatre company called Periplum. Creepy, insane, and very very interesting - watching a madman die has never been so disturbingly absorbing.

Monday, 18 January 2010

New Polaroids, ahh!


I really like the way they're pretty old school, like the very first polaroids, yet they're also kind of modern looking...

This one WILL BE MINE! I love the wood contrasting with the black. ahh lovelove.

I bet they're super expensive though :(

What does everyone think of them??
Amongst my friends there are quite mixed reviews...
Personally, I'm a fan...

Aaaand here's some Marina love for you.

Acoustic version of her new single, Hollywood.

And how awesome is her jumper?!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

guess what kids...

I got an award !! Thankyou so much Wonderlander :)

And on my 50th post too! (woo..)

Right, so, I have to tell you all seven things about myself.

So obviously my mind has gone completely blank at this point!!



One of my small-scale ambitions is to finish plastering the walls of my room with photos and other fragments of randomness before I leave home. When I'll have to take them all down and start again wherever I end up next, I guess, but hey.

One and a half walls down, one and a half to go. (no, my room doesn't have three walls... that might be a bit odd... the fourth is pretty much all taken up by a window.)


I'm a self confessed geek - I'm ridiculously pedantic about spelling and grammar....
This is my boyfriend:

hah... WHAT A JOKER I am. (but i do like his bow tie.)


At the moment I am drawn to sparkly things. I'm starting to think maybe I was a magpie in a past life.


The other day my friend James had to almost physically drag me away from topshop when I saw a glimmer of sequins through the window. ON THE SALE RAIL as well.
But to be fair, I was holding hot chocolate, and I am ridiculously malco-ordinated. There would undoubtedly have been an accident of some sort. Plus I'd been dragging him round the shops for too long anyway. And I had just bought a sequined blazer in another shop literally ten minutes earlier... so... umm....


I'm blonde, but constantly paranoid that my hair is getting darker...



I love David Tennant.



I thought of this one because (I confess) I just stuck a picture of him on my wall.
I was clearing out my desk and found it... And.. hey, what's the harm in indulging my geek crush?


Right now I'm listening to this:



Last one....

Yeah, I collect rubber ducks. those are just a few of them......
What of it?

haha, that was fun. I bet as soon as I post this I will think of a million things I could have written,
but c'est la vie.

I'm going to pass this on to ... humm.... Important Enough To Mention, and Cheap Kicks.


Saturday, 9 January 2010

snow snow!!

Yeah, maybe we didn't get as much snow as most of the country... But still....
Better than nowt at all, especially when I had been wanting snow back in this post but didn't think we'd get any!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Rock the House

In the January issue of American Vogue they did a shoot of Sasha Pivovarova modelling new looks for spring -- and sporting different hair in every picture -- alongside some up and coming music talents...

Music and fashion combine?? well i'm sure to love it!

First off, MGMT

Golden Silvers!

How cute is Gwilym Gold here... aww... love him!

The Horrors

Their frontman, Faris Badwan

And lead guitarist, Joshua Hayward

Yay!! And as a special treat... I know you've probably all heard of these three bands anyway, but as they are all super awesome here is a track from each of them.

MGMT - Kids: This has got to be one of my favourite songs of all time...
I chose to put this video on here, instead of their official one,
it's a bit to creepy for my liking!!

Golden Silvers - True Romance: Saw them in the summer (a brief bit of their set,
we were rushing off to catch the mystery jets) and this is my favourite of their songs.
Love 'em!!!! and Gwilym Gold, I mean... what a cool name!

The Horrors - Count in Fives: Not to everyone's taste, definitely, but I reckon this
is my favourite Horrors track. That organ is properly demented... sweeet.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

I Blame Coco

Coco Sumner

Being Sting's daughter means you have a lot to live up to...

but i guess it also gives you a biiiig leg-up in the cool-kid stakes.

I have recordings of Coco when she was like, 14, from when she was at school.
That's because she was at my school, and those songs went viral, literally;
even now she's left EVERYONE still has her on their ipods.

I Blame Coco are signed to Island Records, and this going to be their first single....

it's a stomper.


like, omg.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year Fireworks

bang bang boom boom

we were up on waterloo bridge so we had a pretty good view, really.

not as good as if we'd got there at about 6 like some keen beans, but good enough!!

the closer of the two with beautiful red hair is my childhood friend katie from when back when I in London, and the further away with the groovy coat is my school comrade.. Kate.

Two Kates... Yes it confused me... I tried to get one of them to change their name, but neither obliged. How selfish!

The lights above Oxford Street. Pretty. We walked all the way to Bond street to avoid queues to get onto the tube,
and blimey, central London is just soo nice when they pedestrianize it all.
Piccadilly Circus without cars?! Crazy sight.

fun fun fun.

hopefully a good start bodes well for the rest of 2010.

oh and,

the perfect opener to an amazing album.
definitely my intro to this new decade.


What a cool date, huh?

I just got back from london town, fireworks last night were awesome and I'll put some pics up tomorrow methinks!

Somehow Kate and I (she's crashing at mine ce soir) got onto the subject of skins...

And ok, I like the new lot, and everything, but I MISS THE OLD CREW SO BAD!!
they were just so much cooler....

and I swear, they were so much more realistic back then, too.
the new ones try to be so damn edgy.. they're a bit too cool for school, in my opinion.

they'd be way too cool for car chases with a coffins balanced on top of red minis....

they've tried to make cook replace chris...

and let's face it...

no-one can replace chris....

I apologise if you've just read this and have absolutely no idea what I'm wittering on about.
If this is you, find skins series 1 & 2 online and watch them!!!!!

I'll write something more interesting soon I swear :)