Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year Fireworks

bang bang boom boom

we were up on waterloo bridge so we had a pretty good view, really.

not as good as if we'd got there at about 6 like some keen beans, but good enough!!

the closer of the two with beautiful red hair is my childhood friend katie from when back when I in London, and the further away with the groovy coat is my school comrade.. Kate.

Two Kates... Yes it confused me... I tried to get one of them to change their name, but neither obliged. How selfish!

The lights above Oxford Street. Pretty. We walked all the way to Bond street to avoid queues to get onto the tube,
and blimey, central London is just soo nice when they pedestrianize it all.
Piccadilly Circus without cars?! Crazy sight.

fun fun fun.

hopefully a good start bodes well for the rest of 2010.

oh and,

the perfect opener to an amazing album.
definitely my intro to this new decade.

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  1. wow too awesome atmosphere to celebrate the new year ^-^

    Happy new year