Monday, 27 June 2011

she's back... and now she's off again

I'll be gone for a week 'cause I'm off to Portugal with some friends to celebrate the end of exams, and whatnot.
It is a budget holiday to say the least; I'll give you a few choice examples from the reviews I've read of the apartments we'll be staying in: 'filthy dump', 'holiday from hell', 'never stay here'. SO our expectations are preeeettttttyyy low, thus I'm hoping they won't seem so bad when we get there!!! Hah.....

Anyways, so I should be packing right now since I have to get the train to London in a couple of hours, but instead I'm getting majorly distracted by ...........



summer choon:

You may well have heard Foster the People's single 'Pumped Up Kicks' which is also fun. But I thought I'd post this one, 'Houdini', since it's less likely you've all heard it. Look out for them at festivals, lads; they're definitely going to be dominating this summer.

Saturday, 25 June 2011


She's back...!

The dreaded A Levels are over and I am a free person until October 2012. Isn't that a terrifying prospect. Within 2 hours of putting my pen down at the end of my last exam (Latin Prose, if you were interested- probably not) I was already freaking out about this next year; what I'm going to do, how I'm going to earn any money, where I'm going to live, et cetera. It's such a bizarre thing to be confronted with after 13 years of full-time education, especially with the last 8 of them being boarding - a year with no structured plans, as yet.

SO, I now embark upon a search for work of the boring, money earning kind (I just applied for a job at Waitrose, and had to ramble effusively about my PASSION for excellent food and friendly customer service, umm...) and also of the interesting, but probably NOT money earning kind... I'm hoping to get work experience placements at magazines or newspapers, publishing houses, etc. But without contacts in these areas it seems very difficult to break into. Well. We shall see, won't we!

ANYWAY, what this means for YOU is that I am no longer restricted by evil internet restrictions imposed upon me at ye olde english boarding school, and I can begin to post again a bit more frequently. But what I want to KNOW from you lot is what you're interested in me talking about. Do you enjoy my rantings about my life and whatnot (a life which I hope will start to become more interesting and blog-able [cringe] over the next few months) or would you rather I shut up and just give you glorious musical titbits? Do tell me. I like it when people talk to me, then I feel like I'm doing this for a reason rather than just as something that I'll look back on in 20 years time and cringe over what a pretentious little teenager I was!

Here's a song I listened to a lot during revision. It's beautiful, and gets pretty intense later on. Tis especially good through headphones. Shut out the outside world, blah blah. Epic.

Monday, 6 June 2011

I swear I'm working, but....

...This song is nice. I'm getting back into "Ben Gibbard Obsessive Mode" on account of the new Death Cab album (s'gooooooooood), and a friend introduced me to this other album he made in 2009 (with Jay Farrar from Son Volt) based on Jack Kerouac's novel Big Sur, to go alongside a documentary which I now want to watch. I've added that to the list of 'things to do when my exams are over and I actually have time to enjoy myself'!

But in the mean time, it's good revision music.

Hope you're all well. I'll be back proper-like in two weeks. TWO WEEKS TODAY I WILL BE FREE!