Sunday, 18 April 2010

Now it seems it was history

Something new for alllllllllll of you

I'm really into Chew Lips at the mo.

They're, like, well cool.
It's dancey electro-pop, and it's super catchy -
and what I love most about the trio is their frontwoman, Tigs.

She's super-cool, and also she's my current voice-crush. If that makes sense?

I've never seen them live, but I've heard they really deliver, so I'm sincerely hoping that Chew Lips might pop up on the line-up of one of the festivals I'm going to this summer... So fingers crossed!

So yes, dig this:

'Slick' was the first track of theirs that I heard. Still remains one of my faves, and, as I said before,
Tigs' voice sounds really really good. Nice.

Aaand here's their first official single 'Solo.' It's a good'un!

So yeah.

Apparently, from what I've read, Tigs gives off a bit of a 'too cool for you' vibe with the fans...
Which I was a bit upset to read... Hmm. Oh well, she's got a damn good voice.
So.. I'll get over any icy manners she may have for the moment!

So what d'ya reckon?

Thursday, 15 April 2010


you can SO now follow me with bloglovin'

Er.. yeah?

Do. Or don't. Your call.

Ok so I'll use this pointless post as a place to put these lovely pictures (wow that's an alliterative sentence, I'm considering changing the word 'lovely' to 'perfect' ... NO georgie, you geek) which are courtesy of nerdy not dirty on deviantart.

Pretty huh?

In musical news, I'm infatuated with Johnny Flynn's new single, which transgressive records are giving away for free!

(I know I mentioned him in the last post too.. But how can I not adore him - he's SO PRETTY)

here's him:

aaand the song's over here:

Go on. Download it. How can you resist that face?

If you don't know his other stuff, if you like stuff like.. Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons, Jay jay Pistolet, Jeremy Warmsley... you get the picture, then you'll like it. His voice is as good as his face. Oh and he plays guitar, violin and trumpet as well.

aaah... Johnny.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Water

Just a quick'un - I am technically revising Latin right now, but I felt so moved to post this I just had to.

Johnny and Marcus. I love them so so so much.

And, my heart broke a little when I realized that this is from the Flowerpot New Year's Eve gig in
Kentish Town last year, which I was all set to go to....... Until I realized it was 18+

So Cordy, I feel your pain!!

Since it's relevant, here are some beautiful snaps of Mumford and Sons I found a while back,
by the awesome Rebecca Miller

Hope everyone is good.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

higher & higher & higher

So yeah, I'm liking this whole sunshine + grass combo. It's a good 'un.

Oh, alright then:


Dancy dancy, fun fun.
Darwin Deez.

I love the vid too. His dancing is epic.


This is a TUNE.
I know passion pit's album 'Manners' has been knocking around for a while,
but I've only recently heard this track from it.
I've clearly been living under a rock.. 'Cause it's awesome.


The Cheek. Formerly known as Cheeky Cheeky and the Nosebleeds

Not sure about the name change, the cheek is a good name for a band, don't get me wrong, but cheeky cheeky and the nosebleeds is pretty memorable... But then again, there are A LOT of "blabla AND THE blablablas" around at the moment. If you get me?

Anyway. Their new single offering. Some people have said it's boring, but I like it. It's got a kind of classic-ness.

Over and out for now, kids.


Thursday, 8 April 2010

I'm back

hello, hello, hello.

I have returned from the city of insanely tall buildings, insanely big portions and insanely good weather (for the past week, at least.)

I cannot EXPLAIN how hard it was choosing photos to put up. I've just been sitting here agonizing over the choice for about 20 minutes!!!


here they are.

NYC, dahhling.

so much blossom, everywhere. spring had most definitely sprung.

the view from the top of the rockefeller centre. noice, eh?

everyone loves a bit o' warhol. At the MOMA.

now this was COOL. An art installation called 'the artist is present.' The woman in red was the artist herself, and anyone was invited to come and sit opposite her and sort of, be part of the art. She was so still, and the installation was in the museum for a month. With her there, every single day. Impressive. That's dedication for you.

More blossom. PLUS a polar bear called Gus - I was instructed by a friend back here in England to let her know whether Gus the polar bear still lived and Central Park zoo, because she used to live in NYC when she was a little kid and he was her favourite!! He was still there! Although asleep when I found him!!

I loved it, loved it, loved, loved, loved it.

For a first trip out of Europe, it was pretty damn good. Lived up to all my expectations.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather - apparently it had been raining ALL week before we arrived. But the sun shone for us, every day! Lucky, because I have a tendency to pack rather optimistically, so had a heavy suitcase pretty much full of dresses.

We climbed the rockefeller, went to the MOMA, central park & the zoo, dylan's candy bar (mmmmm), did lots of shopping in the department stores and went down to greenwich village, took the staten island ferry, spent far too much money, etc etc etc! We also, for anyone that's into this kind of thing, went to the opera at the met, which was incredible. We got upgraded to a box for only 50 DOLLARS for all four of us, so ended up sitting in seats that would have cost us 300 dollars each at full price!! We were nearly dead centre, it was awesome. We watched 'the magic flute' - They did it really well, emphasizing the slightly pantomime-like sense of the story, so it wasn't too heavy, even though the music is absolutely amazing. And they pulled off that more technical aspect too.

I suppose I was a bit skeptical, just because... I'm not sure... maybe because I figured us Brits 'do' opera better since we're.... closer to the european countries where a lot of it was written? To tell you the truth, I'm not sure where my reasoning lay. But anyway, the americans proved to me that they can do it too. (with kandoo...... no, probably not.)

So. I heart New York. Never did get me one of those T-Shirts though....