Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Water

Just a quick'un - I am technically revising Latin right now, but I felt so moved to post this I just had to.

Johnny and Marcus. I love them so so so much.

And, my heart broke a little when I realized that this is from the Flowerpot New Year's Eve gig in
Kentish Town last year, which I was all set to go to....... Until I realized it was 18+

So Cordy, I feel your pain!!

Since it's relevant, here are some beautiful snaps of Mumford and Sons I found a while back,
by the awesome Rebecca Miller

Hope everyone is good.


  1. Latin, eh? You sound like such an egg head :P

  2. i love this song, and thanks so much for the mention!!!
    lots of love!!!

  3. Because they all hold hands and skip around london together......(ahhhhhh......mental picture). xxx