Sunday, 18 April 2010

Now it seems it was history

Something new for alllllllllll of you

I'm really into Chew Lips at the mo.

They're, like, well cool.
It's dancey electro-pop, and it's super catchy -
and what I love most about the trio is their frontwoman, Tigs.

She's super-cool, and also she's my current voice-crush. If that makes sense?

I've never seen them live, but I've heard they really deliver, so I'm sincerely hoping that Chew Lips might pop up on the line-up of one of the festivals I'm going to this summer... So fingers crossed!

So yes, dig this:

'Slick' was the first track of theirs that I heard. Still remains one of my faves, and, as I said before,
Tigs' voice sounds really really good. Nice.

Aaand here's their first official single 'Solo.' It's a good'un!

So yeah.

Apparently, from what I've read, Tigs gives off a bit of a 'too cool for you' vibe with the fans...
Which I was a bit upset to read... Hmm. Oh well, she's got a damn good voice.
So.. I'll get over any icy manners she may have for the moment!

So what d'ya reckon?


  1. Oooh they are pretty good! I like the Solo song :) x

  2. Awesome, love them and their style!

    Laura Mackness for Weekday and Benefit treats to win on my blog if you're interested!

    tweet tweet tweet


  3. oh yeah ive heard that last song before, it's been on the radio at work a lot before. now i know

  4. I love their song Play Together, but I guess I'll have to check these out too. Do you like Crystal Castles?

  5. Oh, I always love to hear about new music!

    I just wanted to pop over and thank you for entering the giveaway for my Karma Cards on the Much Love blog. We've got a few sets left if you're still keen (cough, shameless self-promotion, cough) ;D

  6. wow! she's beautiful! what a great style!

  7. I love being introduced to new music. This is great and so is her style. Btw I love your blog name. It's a song title, but whose the artist?