Saturday, 1 May 2010

i think ur a contra

I disappeared for a while..... Sorry about that!
Back again. So.. Hello there.

Check this:

Boy & Bear.

Love that video so so much.

I want to DO that in London this summer...
Anyone fancy joining me for a spot of cycling around, shooting each other with makeshift bows and arrows?
Like a mass cowboys and indians affair?
I'd be well up for that.


It took me aaages to finally get my grubby mits on Vampire Weekend's second album,
and I'm very glad I eventually did. Current favourite track is 'I think ur a contra',
Stick with it till the end, it's just so lovely.
Not one of their usual, bouncy affairs, but that's sort of why I like it.

oohh, how cool would it be to have hair this colour... I must invest in a wig like this, at least!!

I'll be around... I'll share some fun bits and bobs with you soon if I can.

pics: the cherry blossom girl, tumblrs...


  1. I want pink hair too! Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to change the colour of your hair at the flick of a button? Yay for V.Weekend! x

  2. I want pink hair! I agree with Eleanor, we should invent something...

    tweet tweet tweet


  3. I think UR a contra is my absolute favourite off that album! Check out the new Kate Nash album - "Don't You Want To Share The Guilt" is slowbuilding and epic. It's on spotify too.


  4. hey um that is the coolest thing ever because Vampire Weekend are fantastic? and so is that song? my brother went to see them in concert, soooo unfair.

  5. really like the boy and bear vid, really nicely shot isn't it. i could re-create his outfit with all the ties i have. lets do it!

  6. that would be amazing to have hair like that!!! super amazing! :D

  7. I love the pink hair! Walking around Tokyo in the evenings looking up at all the lights. Ahh what a dream!