Friday, 28 May 2010

toutes les choses

Is it time for me to do one of those really long posts with random pictures/songs/pointless ramblings about my life because I've finally found the time to blog now that I'm home for the first time in four weeks?

"Yes Georgie, I think that would be a swell idea."

Oh ok then, dear friends, if you verily insist, I shall proceed to do exactly that.

I've been attempting to revise of late.

This girl seems to have got the wrong end of the stick; it is not enough, from my experience, to lean elegantly against the bookshelves, in order to gain knowledge one must read them. Shame really, this would be far less time consuming.

My love for Bombay Bicycle Club is back with a vengeance now that the first single from their forthcoming acoustic album, 'Flaws', has come out, called 'Ivy and Gold.' The fact that they can debut with an incredibly tight album of super catchy indie rocky tunes then produce this sort of a mellow contrast less than a year later proves how damn good this band is. This song's beautiful, slightly Mumford-esque, but with dear Jack Steadman's instantly recognizable vocals setting it all off with a slightly different edge from M & Sons. Here it is, live from Bristol. Ecoute!

What else...
I'm liking these beautiful photos from a Keller NY ad campaign a lot..

Also moderately obsessed with this song at the moment. Very good, especially when in headphones & loud.

I like the video too. It's funny, as I think it's meant to be, but then also in a way very lonely.

And in very exciting news...


Anyone remember my obsession with pink hair a few posts back?

Well I did what I said I would.. and bought a wig :)
Bright pink, long, blunt fringe...
I'm in love.

When I take it off it makes my normal blondeish hair feel very boring.
I'm always toying with the idea of making it a bit lighter...
what do we all think?

Right. That is definitely enough rambling for this evening.

Over and out.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Blaine + his crew

The lads kitted out in their pastels. So hot right now.

A new offering from the Mystery Jets, and Zane Lowe's "hottest record in the world" a couple of weeks back, this is "Flash a Hungry Smile"

I likey a lot. Nonchalant whistling, birds and bees with STDs - what's not to like?

Blaine Harrison of the band Mystery Jets performs on stage during day three of The Falls Music & Arts Festival on December 31, 2008 in Lorne, Australia.  (Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Blaine Harrison

If I haven't mentioned it before, Blaine Harrison is a hero of mine.
He may have spina bifida and have to perform all his shows sitting down,
but he's still a well cool cat..

And only a true rockstar could make his disability + crutches an iconic part of his band's identity:

You can download "Flash a Hungry Smile" free from The MJs website heeerrrrreeeeee.
You know you want to!


Monday, 3 May 2010

Mr. Edward Sharpe

You sort of need this song in your life.

- Jade?

- Alexander..

- Do you remember that day you fell out of my window?

- I sure do, you came jumping out after me

- Well, you fell on the concrete, nearly broke your ass
and you were bleeding all over the place
and I rushed you up to the hospital,
d'you remember that?

- Yes I do

- Well there's something I never told you about that night..

- What didn't you tell me!

- While you were sitting in the backseat
smoking a cigarette you thought was gonna be your last
I was falling deep, deeply in love with you.
And I never told you until just now!

Just listen to it..

You can even read-along to the lovely little spoken section,
since I've written out the words, and they're even colour coded... booyah


Saturday, 1 May 2010

i think ur a contra

I disappeared for a while..... Sorry about that!
Back again. So.. Hello there.

Check this:

Boy & Bear.

Love that video so so much.

I want to DO that in London this summer...
Anyone fancy joining me for a spot of cycling around, shooting each other with makeshift bows and arrows?
Like a mass cowboys and indians affair?
I'd be well up for that.


It took me aaages to finally get my grubby mits on Vampire Weekend's second album,
and I'm very glad I eventually did. Current favourite track is 'I think ur a contra',
Stick with it till the end, it's just so lovely.
Not one of their usual, bouncy affairs, but that's sort of why I like it.

oohh, how cool would it be to have hair this colour... I must invest in a wig like this, at least!!

I'll be around... I'll share some fun bits and bobs with you soon if I can.

pics: the cherry blossom girl, tumblrs...