Saturday, 10 April 2010

higher & higher & higher

So yeah, I'm liking this whole sunshine + grass combo. It's a good 'un.

Oh, alright then:


Dancy dancy, fun fun.
Darwin Deez.

I love the vid too. His dancing is epic.


This is a TUNE.
I know passion pit's album 'Manners' has been knocking around for a while,
but I've only recently heard this track from it.
I've clearly been living under a rock.. 'Cause it's awesome.


The Cheek. Formerly known as Cheeky Cheeky and the Nosebleeds

Not sure about the name change, the cheek is a good name for a band, don't get me wrong, but cheeky cheeky and the nosebleeds is pretty memorable... But then again, there are A LOT of "blabla AND THE blablablas" around at the moment. If you get me?

Anyway. Their new single offering. Some people have said it's boring, but I like it. It's got a kind of classic-ness.

Over and out for now, kids.



  1. I'm just like you - I didn't find out about Little Secrets until recently. It has been on the radio for several months but I still didn't know about it! I must be living under a rock too.
    Although I was early to pick up on Sleepy Head a few years ago. Still my favourite! (:

  2. I love Darwin Deez! Especially 'Radar Detector'. My friend interviewed him recently and said he's a lovely upstanding gent.

  3. Ohhh revision is evil... Hope you get through it!

    tweet tweet tweet


  4. re: correct it is a chin/face but whose face?!

  5. here's a clue, it's a famous face. check back to see if anyone has got the answer!

  6. Lovely photos:)

    lol Factory Girl

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about revision; it sounds like a nightmare. On the brightside...those headphones are magical. AND...I absolutely adore you for posting about Passion Pit - I am OBSESSED with them and have been listening to "Sleepyhead" on repeat for days!! :)

  8. i love passion pit....thanks for introducing me to darwin though lovvvvvve it.