Thursday, 15 April 2010


you can SO now follow me with bloglovin'

Er.. yeah?

Do. Or don't. Your call.

Ok so I'll use this pointless post as a place to put these lovely pictures (wow that's an alliterative sentence, I'm considering changing the word 'lovely' to 'perfect' ... NO georgie, you geek) which are courtesy of nerdy not dirty on deviantart.

Pretty huh?

In musical news, I'm infatuated with Johnny Flynn's new single, which transgressive records are giving away for free!

(I know I mentioned him in the last post too.. But how can I not adore him - he's SO PRETTY)

here's him:

aaand the song's over here:

Go on. Download it. How can you resist that face?

If you don't know his other stuff, if you like stuff like.. Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons, Jay jay Pistolet, Jeremy Warmsley... you get the picture, then you'll like it. His voice is as good as his face. Oh and he plays guitar, violin and trumpet as well.

aaah... Johnny.


  1. ive spoken to that man.
    in person.
    he actually heard me, and responded.
    he must love me.

  2. Lovely pictures! Follow you on Bloglovin' :)
    I love Johnny Flynn a bit, my friend just interviewed him and asked him about marriage proposals for me...

    tweet tweet tweet


  3. LOVE the photos.... sudden urge to buy rollerskates....
    Yum Johnny Flynn...

  4. These pictures are great choices! So pretty.

    Well, for latitude, I am mostly excited for- Florence, Belle, Mumford, XX, Marling, Wild Beasts and Charlotte Gainsbourg! :D

  5. Ooh, he is quite pretty. As are these photographs - each one is more stunning than the last. Love, love!! :)

  6. Lovely blog, lovely pictures and oh, some lovely boy crush - what a dangerous combination. :)

  7. So for the pictures, you most definitely could have employed the term PERFECT ♥

    Love your blog, it makes me all smiley :)

  8. those pictures are so pretty. AND THAT GUY IS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL. I just want to take him home and put him on a shiny little shelf to stare at forever.

  9. and p.s. laura marling is super good. will def. check him out.

  10. ooo mumford and sons i love just got the albam. love your pictures so so cool.

  11. Thank you so much for your comment, you also have a new follower, a nice looking blog you have, I like that xx

  12. rollerskates were always so hard! but they look much better that "blades"

  13. you've captured summer. How I want it!