Monday, 27 June 2011

she's back... and now she's off again

I'll be gone for a week 'cause I'm off to Portugal with some friends to celebrate the end of exams, and whatnot.
It is a budget holiday to say the least; I'll give you a few choice examples from the reviews I've read of the apartments we'll be staying in: 'filthy dump', 'holiday from hell', 'never stay here'. SO our expectations are preeeettttttyyy low, thus I'm hoping they won't seem so bad when we get there!!! Hah.....

Anyways, so I should be packing right now since I have to get the train to London in a couple of hours, but instead I'm getting majorly distracted by ...........



summer choon:

You may well have heard Foster the People's single 'Pumped Up Kicks' which is also fun. But I thought I'd post this one, 'Houdini', since it's less likely you've all heard it. Look out for them at festivals, lads; they're definitely going to be dominating this summer.


  1. cute boys with cats!! love it : )

  2. completely awesome! i'm glad people are finally listening to FTP - alt nation was playing them last summer and created a love affair for me!

    sweet blog, please come to mine and leave some comments!

  3. Congrats on finishing your exams! A holiday is the perfect way to celebrate - just keep repeating to yourself, every so often 'We've finished.' - after working so hard for so long it seems incredible, doesn't it?

    I can't believe you're applying to Edinburgh! By the time you come here I'm going to be nearly graduating, or even graduated if you take a year out - but I'll have to tell you all the hidden gems no-one finds out until they've been living there a while. Oh, and if you have any more questions about Ed Uni [e.g. - Pollock Halls or self-catered? Pollock every time] don't hesitate to ask, I love persuading people to come here.

    Have fun!