Saturday, 2 January 2010


What a cool date, huh?

I just got back from london town, fireworks last night were awesome and I'll put some pics up tomorrow methinks!

Somehow Kate and I (she's crashing at mine ce soir) got onto the subject of skins...

And ok, I like the new lot, and everything, but I MISS THE OLD CREW SO BAD!!
they were just so much cooler....

and I swear, they were so much more realistic back then, too.
the new ones try to be so damn edgy.. they're a bit too cool for school, in my opinion.

they'd be way too cool for car chases with a coffins balanced on top of red minis....

they've tried to make cook replace chris...

and let's face it...

no-one can replace chris....

I apologise if you've just read this and have absolutely no idea what I'm wittering on about.
If this is you, find skins series 1 & 2 online and watch them!!!!!

I'll write something more interesting soon I swear :)

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