Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Rock the House

In the January issue of American Vogue they did a shoot of Sasha Pivovarova modelling new looks for spring -- and sporting different hair in every picture -- alongside some up and coming music talents...

Music and fashion combine?? well i'm sure to love it!

First off, MGMT

Golden Silvers!

How cute is Gwilym Gold here... aww... love him!

The Horrors

Their frontman, Faris Badwan

And lead guitarist, Joshua Hayward

Yay!! And as a special treat... I know you've probably all heard of these three bands anyway, but as they are all super awesome here is a track from each of them.

MGMT - Kids: This has got to be one of my favourite songs of all time...
I chose to put this video on here, instead of their official one,
it's a bit to creepy for my liking!!

Golden Silvers - True Romance: Saw them in the summer (a brief bit of their set,
we were rushing off to catch the mystery jets) and this is my favourite of their songs.
Love 'em!!!! and Gwilym Gold, I mean... what a cool name!

The Horrors - Count in Fives: Not to everyone's taste, definitely, but I reckon this
is my favourite Horrors track. That organ is properly demented... sweeet.

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  1. this is a cute idea, i love the horrors, their new stuff more i reckon.

    loving sasha's pink hair, too.

    claire x