Friday, 22 January 2010

Took the 61 bus to remind me of you

Don't you hate it when you find out about a band, buy their album, really like it,
then find out they only made 1 CD before splitting up?? It sucks, man. Like, totally.

My prime examples at the moment:

Rosie and the Goldbug.

who: an alt-pop-ish, electro-rock-ish trio, once described as
'Kate Bush on crack with goldfrapp on synths.'

reason for split: unknown... all we were left with was a post on myspace in august last year saying
'Rosie and the Goldbug are over.'

hmm... weirdness.. and they never went into detail.
however Rosie has announced a new project starting out, Ruby Vamp.
I wonder what they come up with....

top choooon:


who: indie rock band, with lots of electronic-y influence

reason for split: all 'gone off to do different things.'
they split after Glastonbury last year, which was their last gig.

I found this band randomly, I think when just browsing itunes, bought a couple of songs,
then bought their debut album, 'Control' cheap off amazon... I really love it, so when I found out they'd
disbanded I was pretty gutted :(

top choooon:

In other news, I saw an amazing play, all about Antonin Artaud, the frenchman who came up with the concept of the theatre of cruelty. It was a monologue, and also performed by the man who wrote it, from a theatre company called Periplum. Creepy, insane, and very very interesting - watching a madman die has never been so disturbingly absorbing.


  1. oh i know that feeling. the band i liked was This Awkward Silence - and their drummer left the band. when they got a new drummer, their sound was totally different. lol

  2. id never heard of rosie and the goldbug. i really like it!
    but yeah i hate when that happens; Josh Beech's first band Snish was really good then they split after their EP release. :(

  3. Love this..Youve Changed video is great.

  4. Never heard of these but I like the songs!


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