Sunday, 3 January 2010

I Blame Coco

Coco Sumner

Being Sting's daughter means you have a lot to live up to...

but i guess it also gives you a biiiig leg-up in the cool-kid stakes.

I have recordings of Coco when she was like, 14, from when she was at school.
That's because she was at my school, and those songs went viral, literally;
even now she's left EVERYONE still has her on their ipods.

I Blame Coco are signed to Island Records, and this going to be their first single....

it's a stomper.


  1. Bless you as always for your comments my dear! I've heard so much about I Blame Coco, but never heard any of the music- I quite like it (think it will grow on me more) but it's still no match for Florence! Happy 2010! xx

  2. lovely blog!! & I like their sound a lot

    xo, C.

  3. Oh I feel inclined to like it .... even if she is a bit arrogant and irritating (If you read her 1st interview in 'Love'). But this one's better than 'I blame Coco'.
    Moral Dilemma...kinda!