Monday, 18 January 2010

New Polaroids, ahh!


I really like the way they're pretty old school, like the very first polaroids, yet they're also kind of modern looking...

This one WILL BE MINE! I love the wood contrasting with the black. ahh lovelove.

I bet they're super expensive though :(

What does everyone think of them??
Amongst my friends there are quite mixed reviews...
Personally, I'm a fan...

Aaaand here's some Marina love for you.

Acoustic version of her new single, Hollywood.

And how awesome is her jumper?!


  1. I love love the wood & black one! and she is so cute!


  2. Oh my. Marina, Ellie, I Blame Coco & Skins... You have wondeful taste in everything.

    Really glad I came across your blog. Best discovery in ages.

  3. Oh i love your tastes too! and you're right about marina, that jumper=amazing! I interview ellie a couple of days ago and at one point she started singing, she honestly has one of the most beautiful voices i've ever heard! Love your blog btw


  4. yes yes yes! I want the black and wood one so badly! I love polaroids, I even have a tattoo! haha

    lovelove, M.

  5. love her jumper and voice <3