Saturday, 12 December 2009

To Winter

I will now admit that I am one of those people who say whichever season we are in is my favourite.
I love them all for different reasons...

But for the moment, winter is my favourite. yay.
I broke up from school for christmas today. also yay.

So now I must find things to fill my time with,
And I must find christmas presents,
And I must wrap up warm,
And I must read lots,
And I must catch up with old friends,
And I must try not to eat too much christmas food,
And I mustn't wish too ardently for snow, then be disappointed,
And I must find a bit of time to do maths revision......


I want snow so bad!
Ice skating will be the closest I'll get I think, at least for the moment, and I'll have to make do.
And did I mention I'm totally malcoordinated?
So I don't look quite as elegant as I would like when I attempt to skate.
Dang nabbit.


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  1. Thank you for your comment sweetie. I think im a tattoo addict- my advice is be sure of what you want before you go through with it! I had my first one drawn on me in black biro for two years before i finally got inked! Omg Florence is my musical crack- I just adore her. I think your blog is really cute btw- dang nabbit really made me chuckle