Saturday, 10 October 2009

Summertime frolics

a week of downpour in dorset has really made me want to re-live my summer

so I trawled through my photo albums to choose my top 20 pictures... that is, a top 20 without putting up any that will be just too embarrassing for mes chères amies.

1) The most beautiful day ever. Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy. Go there.

2) Same day. Lying, looking up, saw heart.

3) Fun. Underage 09.

4) Regina Spektor concert in Hyde Park. Such a hot day, then such a beautiful evening.

5) Cornish sand. Portherras beach.

6) Camp Bestival. Free pencils. My excellent colouring in.

7) Still Camp Best. Cool mirror. Cool wall. Cool people.

8) Be careful.

9) Floating jars, ghostly girl.

10) And we never actually got around to going on it.

11) Tea tree.

12) Sunny day, Regents Park.

13) Freddie Mercury, Lake Geneva, Montreux.

14) From the télécabine, en Suisse.

15) Flying.

16) Lots of music. music music music.

17) Field frolics.

18) skinny boys hang from lamposts.

19) Cards everywhere, dominos' chicken strippers, petis filous.

20) Beautiful.

oh and I think 'edgar' by lucky elephant must accompany these photos.

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