Friday, 2 October 2009


Florence and the Machine. Otherwise known as Florence Welch. A familiar name to some.

I know Flo isn't exactly 'cutting edge,' as she's been around for a while now, but I felt the need to write something about her, as I'm new with the whole blogging thing and needed somewhere to start!

I saw this talented lady live twice over the summer. She was the highlight of camp bestival, for me. We waited for nearly two hours (!!!!) so we didn't lose our prime position at the very middle of the very front of the crowd, pressed right up against the bar. We took turns at saving our space whilst others tramped off to hurriedly purchase overpriced smoothies and churros (yum) to sustain us during the wait...

TOTALLY worth it. a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

<-- a piccy i took.

She danced around like a woman possessed, donned a rabbit mask thrown up from someone in the crowd for her song 'rabbit heart,' clambered up onto piles of speakers AND clambered down off the stage to hug all of us lucky (and devoted) enough to be in the front row.

a 45 minute set, and my two friends and I came away from it with these ridiculous grins plastered on our faces that we couldn't get rid of for hours - hers really is that kind of music that makes you feel that life is, despite it all, utterly worth living.

Just buy this album, seriously.

dog days, howl, cosmic love, girl with one eye, hurricane drunk, blinding... all insanely good.

also check out bonus tracks 'hardest of hearts,' 'swimming' and the bayou percussion version of girl with one eye.

I've rambled on about my girl crush on this crazy lady for too long now. peace.

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