Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Mr Flynn

A lot of my friends managed to get tickets to Johnny Flynn's gigs in either Bristol (last night) or Southampton (tomorrow night). I am insanely, insanely jealous... especially as those who went last night actually got to meet the man himself!! SO JEALOUS!

Anyway, check his stuff out. He is amazing. The first song I heard was the box which is still one of my favourites, but tickle me pink, leftovers, the wrote and the writ... ah ah ah all amazing. The album, a larum, is beautiful. As is he, incidentally...

His New EP, Sweet William, is out in about a month. Excitement!

This is the video for 'leftovers.'

Sweet! Worked out how to embed youtube videos into this thang. I'm become somewhat of a blogging expert...



Off to London tomorrow... I miss it terribly.. moved away a few years ago. Still feels like home though!

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