Wednesday, 3 March 2010

thank you for applauding cannibalism

gosh indeed.

life feels like such an effort right now!!

Times are tough for the family in the wood

They'd eat like kings if they only could

But hunger gnaws - famine stalks the land

Something quite wicked has the upper hand!

Poor mother and father must do "what is best"...

And Hansel and Gretel will be put to the test!

Armed with their very last slice of bread

Will they eat to survive







Went to go see this Kneehigh Production of Hansel and Gretel last week,
It was crazy fun.

Blimey it was funny. A very small cast, with most of them playing more than one part, which I always think proves the excellent quality of acting in these sort of plays. The set was amazing too, you can kind of tell in the youtube video above - it was pretty much a jumbled mess of ladders and things so that characters could clamber around if they needed too. It also helped with some of the crazy contraptions Gretel came up with...

Really effective use of music, played by two talented guys on the sidelines, switching instruments at least 5 times each. They also came in as actors from time to time as Wilhelm and Yohann, Hansel and Gretel's cheery neighbours from across the valley.

In my opinion they drew quite a bit of inspiration from The Mighty Boosh - the evil old woman seeming to me to be some sort of Eleanor/crack fox hybrid. If anyone here knows what I'm talking about. But hey, boosh inspiration is certainly alright with me!


I really should be working right now.
But instead I am wasting time on the internet, blogging and perusing ebay.
Well, I also ordered some university prospectuses... so that's not a waste of time, I suppose?
Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Bristol, Leeds, York, UCL. Hmmmmmm.......

I will post something interesting at the weekend, I promise! I have just bought Marina (and the diamonds, duh) 's new album and also Ellie Goulding's. Lets see how these ladies have done........ I'll get back to you. If anyone else has got 'em, what do you think so far??


  1. Lol what's so wrong with cannibilism? Especially if the kids are driving you crazy? :)

  2. Woo Hansel and Gretel sounds fun to me!

    I would say go study in Leeds :)


    P.s. I'm having a little giveaway on my blog at the mo so pop over when you can :)