Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New music for the masses

Two new tunes... I spoil you, don't I?

Breezy summer music.

Firstly: Freelance Whales

they're some cool cats from, Queens, NYC.

In my opinion, sounds a smidge like The Weepies meets The Postal Service.

What do you think?

Secondly: Summer Camp

My Photos | summer camp

If anyone's been wondering what our London folkster Jeremy Warmsley has been up to....

This is it.

A new project.

Hazy, whimsical, nostalgic electro pop.

The most wonderful thing about this new duo is that they emerged on myspace shrouded in mystery -
no pictures of them per sae, just some 70s camp kids and a few tunes.

They had everyone guessing at their identities until Jeremy finally piped up to tell the world he's behind it all..

Listen, love, dream of summer...

And tell me cool things to do new york! I leave at 5 AM tomorrow. Eek!!


  1. Unable to give you a heart. so have a reply to push up your post. ........................................

  2. great sound... love it!

  3. I bought them online in the sale last summer!

  4. Yayay! I LOVE Freelance Whales! I've had "Starring" on constant rotation for weeks now! I will definitely be checking out Summer Camp - their name alone is too fun to resist!

    Have a fabulous time in New York, my love!! :)

  5. was blog hopping and landed in your fun world! love the retro pic!

    i'm hosting a giveaway i think you might like-- http://tinyurl.com/gardenofwhimsey

  6. cool things to do in new york...well you MUST MUST drop by the yaffa cafe in the east village. it is my most favourite place in nyc to hang. it's incredibly kitschy and a little bit distasteful inside but that's what makes me loved it so much more. when i'm in the city, i'm there almost everyday.

    also check out pippin the vintage jewellry shop in chelsea, roebling tea room and fox & fawn in brooklyn! oh & bliss cafe also in brooklyn has the best soy chais if that's your kindof thing!

    have fun! xxxx

  7. Awesome blog and awesome music. Thanks for sharing. Have fun in NYC.

  8. great post! and have an amazing time in nyc! u will love it :)


  9. I definetly have to look more into both of these. I love the first picture, too much coolness.

  10. NY is the best city!! I went there last summer!! it is gorgeous!! xD


  11. Ahhh you describe them as things I'd be totally in love with, will definitely have to check them out!

    tweet tweet tweet