Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Late of the Pier

Late of the pier are pretty cool. They've supported the likes of Justice and Hadouken in the past. Punky-electro-indie, most of the time (my classifications making next to no sense, I am aware) but with some curveballs thrown in - I'll come back to that later.

I had heard their song 'space and the woods' a while back, but never actually dwelt on it for too long until was reminded of it when Marina (I'll stop going on about her soon I swear) covered it during her live festival sets over the summer.

In february they released a double A-side consisting of 'Blueberry' and 'Best in the class.'

Now the curveball I mentioned all of 10 lines ago was this first track, Blueberry - which is not so much electro-dance, but a positively Beatles-esque tune. Very, VERY lucy in the sky. When the first bit of vocals come in - after a clattery intro of what can only be described as noise - you would honestly swear it was Lennon. Or is that just me?

Here it is:

And the second song, 'Best in the Class,' is wicked too. Different, but no less good.


ok, I have been losing sleep recently over one aspect of this 'ere video for it.

If you pause it, or slow it down at certain places


He is terrifying. Properly properly gives me the heeby jeebies.

Par exemple...

41 seconds
48 seconds
1 min 1 second
2 mins 28 seconds

There are probably way more, watch it once, then watch it again and concentrate.

Late Of The Pier - Best In The Class from Phantasy on Vimeo.

Cool vid though, innit. Nice one LOTP. Apparently their frontman has gone off to work on something else, so we won't be hearing anything more from them this year... hmm . oh well!


  1. oh sweet lord thank you so much for reminding me just how much i love late of the pier