Saturday, 6 March 2010

If you are not very careful...

If you are not very careful,
Your possessions will possess you,
TV taught me how to feel,
Now real life has no appeal

I said I'd chit-chat a bit about Marina and Ellie today, so I will now do so...

A few of you might already have realized that I have a bit of a Marina obsession going on, so obviously I nabbed a copy of 'The Family Jewels' as soon as it was released.

I was a bit worried it would be a bit overproduced and her awesomely unique voice would disappear into the backing, but I needn't have worried, as, although the production is very polished, her crazy vocals are still the selling point of each song. Quite a few of the best tracks are the ones I've had for a while anyway, but there are some great new ones too, like opener 'are you satisfied?' and this little gem (pun unintended) :

super catchy. VERY marina.

And, I, like, met her. On my birthday.
AND she pointed at me later that day during her set when she noticed me.
Thought I'd brag a little bit!!

So to end this section... top tracks from the album, in no particular order:

Oh No
Are You Satisfied?
I Am Not A Robot
The Outsider

Now onto Ellie Goulding. A while ago I said I wasn't sure if she'd live up to the hype.
I reckon she's proved me wrong... 'Lights' is number one in the itunes album chart right now. And I really like it.

Before I bought the album I had only the two singles - 'starry eyed' and 'under the sheets' - but also some acoustic songs of hers, 'the writer' and 'every time you go.' I also had the 'guns and horses' demo. I was worried about these, because, since I'd got to love them so much acoustically, I didn't think they'd work as well with all her synthyness. However, 'the writer' hasn't been changed much with it's electronic re-work, it's pretty much just been enhanced, and 'Every time you go' is pretty different, but I now love the upbeat version just as much as the acoustic. 'Guns and horses' is the only let-down, in my opinion - I much prefer the demo version. (Honestly check that out!) But one duff track on the album - which, in essence, is a brilliant song anyway - is not bad at all for such an anticipated debut.

This is my favourite song. I think. It's hard to choose!

Top (non single) tracks:

Your Biggest Mistake
Every Time You Go
The Writer
This Love will be your downfall
Salt Skin

Sooooooo. Currently yearning for summer + festival fun. Latitude tickets go on sale tuesday... So I'll be ready!

Bisous x


  1. oh, i love marina
    you have an amazing taste in music!

  2. I really want that jumper in the first picture!