Saturday, 20 March 2010

I suppose one might say I'm excited...

because I have travels planned over the next couple of weeks.
First I am hitting Brussels, Belgium with deux amies
which will be, I'm sure, a laugh and a half

Brussels, Belgium

and then I am tripping over to N. Y. C.

which is rather rather rather rather rather exciting for little old moi, who has, as of yet, never ventured out of my native Europe.

so WOW, yay, !!!!, ahh, etc!


And who cares that I have to find time to revise for my exams...

I'm studying Fitzgerald and Frost, so technically heading stateside is... an educational trip?! heh....

please please anyone who has advice/cool places to go/anything AT ALL about either city then tell me!! I don't want to miss out on a thing... and I am only in NY for 5 days so I need to cram-pack my trip with anything and everything worth doing.

Aaaand here is a song I have currently got stuck in my head.

Right then, I'm about to watch Whip It, so, ta ta for now...

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