Tuesday, 30 March 2010

gap yah

I'm back from Belgium, stopping off at home briefly for some sleep before I jet off to NY, I am growing more and more excited by the minute!! I am compiling a list of things to do... There is just so much, and in 5 days, I am wondering how on earth we will fit it all in. Maybe I just won't sleep while I'm there?
No, that's probably not sensible.

I don't have anything much to say this evening, just a very funny video for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Oh giggles. Now let's hit the KR, dahling.


  1. 'amazing... just like fulham....'

  2. This video makes me uncomfortably aware of how many times I reference my own gap year...."and she looked at me with this vacant stare but sense of endearing hope, as if to say, you know, despite our differences, you and I are kindred spirits" Brilliant.