Thursday, 25 February 2010

Just call me Mrs Weeks

If anyone out there has been reading my ramblings for a while you might have known that last saturday I tripped off to Brixton for the final night of the NME awards tour. It was saweeeeet!

First played the Drums, who I have posted about before. Lead singer Jonathan Pierce threw some crazy shapes (check him out in the blue shirt above!!) They were awesome - better than I expected them to be. One annoyance for me - and a randomer I struck up a conversation with due to our indignation at this fact - was that they didn't play 'saddest summer,' which is my favourite of their songs. But they bopped through obvious classics (well, as classic as you can get when you've only officially released one EP) like 'let's go surfing' and 'submarine.'

next up were the Big Pink - probably my least favourite of the night overall, but they were still pretty awesome, at times. They came on accompanied by sirens and masses of smoke - certainly these dudes knows how to make an entrance.
It's all a tad on the noisy side for me, personally, but there are some tuuuunes, 'dominos' is properly anthemic - definitely deserves its 'best song' accolade it claimed last night at the actual NME awards ceremony - and 'tonight' is good too. Though as a general blend I stand by what I said to a friend after a few songs, which was - "I like some of it, but let's be honest, it's music to take drugs to."

Then.. Bombay Bicycle Club... YAY... I love their album so much that there wasn't a single song they played that I wasn't happy about... We got quite close to the front for their set, but it was pretty mosh-ish - there was one amusing moment (well, amusing in retrospect) when I got pushed over and then sort of sat on, in the scrum. I did for a few seconds think 'well, it's quite a cool way to die, I suppose' whilst my friend Ellie screamed 'GET OFF HER' at the top of her lungs; and that random dude I chatted to earlier about the drums not playing 'saddest summer' also helped by pulling people away as well. What a legend! So once I regained my balance we decided to retreat a teensy bit further back.... But yeah bombay bicycle club are amazing, check them out if you don't know their stuff!!

That's Jack Steadman, Bombay Bicycle Club's frontman. This is my favourite photo of the whole night. HE'S SO SWEET! He just seemed genuinely surprised and grateful at the number of fans there were in the crowd who knew all the lyrics to his songs and were really into the performance.

Then last but by no means least the Maccabees, led by my future husband Orlando Weeks...

They were the only band playing that I had seen before, and they didn't disappoint... They were definitely better than the last time I saw them play, not that they weren't good then, so basically, a pretty damn good performance!! I did have quite a large 30 yr old guy standing in front of me at this point, who managed to crush my foot during a jumpy chorus, which left me a little disgruntled... Another contestant for my favourite song of the night was 'Precious Time,' one of their slightly older songs but an awesome one live, especially when almost the entire venue are singing along! Orlando (yeah, we're on first name terms.... pfft I wish) was so sweet, he thanked the crowd literally between every single song. Very humble considering they were the headliners!!

so, that was that!

It was the last night of the tour so at the end all the bands came back onstage to do some crazy dancing during the Maccabees last song, Love You Better.

I missed the last train home, so we had a few minutes of panic about where to stay - luckily I had some friends who were absolutely fine with us crashing at theirs! Probably more sensible than settling down on a bench in brixton for the night would have been!

I always write too much when I talk about gigs. I get a bit overexcited.. sorry! Hope everyone is good. Oh, and I now have




go me?