Saturday, 13 February 2010


I haven't been around to blog in a while, busy busy as ever -

We have this crazy festival at school every year for lower sixth -

basically a weekend chocka-block with plays, concerts, art exhibitions, a fashion show, boys vs girls rugby...... et cetera. And we all wear fancy dress on saturday!

So that was last weekend,

here are a few photo highlights...

Oh, I think I forgot to mention, we also do a conga around the pond...
Just to add a little more normality to proceedings.

So that is that.
Hectic hectic hectic
But so worth the effort!


Tomorrow I am off to La Belle France - Montpellier.


Will update on my return......

And a song to finish, just because it wouldn't feel like me if I didn't add some tooooooonage

It's a bit odd, but I really like it. First heard about this band, Everything Everything, when I was looking for something to do on New Years Eve. The Flowerpot in Camden put on an awesome night at the hmv forum with these guys playing, also with mumford and sons, johnny flynn..... ah, I wanted to go so bad, but it was strictly 18+ !!! dammnnnit.
But still, I discovered these Manchester lads, so not a total loss!

Au revoir, pour la moment x


  1. love all the photos. your life looks so busy and fun (:
    have an amazing time in france, x

  2. wow your week sounds crazy, but very fun! i'm very jealous of your trip to france, i've always wanted to live in europe so countries like france, spain, italy are all very accessible. stuck in australia the best i can manage is new zealand.. hmpph.

    thanks for the comment!

    hannah-rose (


  3. wow what an amazing post once again! love your blog sooooo much! such an inspiration. definitely bookmarking you xox
    hope you can stop by mine sometime