Thursday, 25 November 2010

A Swedish Love Story

Sorry for the fact that, as per usual, I have been a rubbish blogger who disappears for weeks on end every once in a while.
Well here I am again, with a nugget of both audio and visual goodness for you all.

I just can't stop watching and listening to this.

The band is summer camp, who I've probably mentioned before - they're a duo made up of Jeremy Warmsley (a man who personifies 'geek chic' and who also has plenty of awesome solo tunes) and Elizabeth Sankey. I saw them at Camp Bestival in the summer and it was lovely, I really like their sound, I've loved everything I've heard since their first single "Ghost Town", which is also worth a listen.

And this video... All the clips are taken from 'En Karlekshistoria', a Swedish film made in 1970. I'm captivated by it. The little girl is possibly one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. It's a bizarre sensation watching these kids smoking... I swear they all look about 11, but their tender age is part of the beauty of it in a way. After seeing this video I scoured the internet trying to find a way to watch the whole film with subtitles, but to no avail....

Basically this video is now one of my favourite things. 'Nuff said.


  1. Wow, I really loved this. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. What an interesting video - definitely weird to see them smoking :/ Haha.

  2. What a video! Those clips are amazing. Thank you for posting this, I love the song! x

  3. Jeremy Warmsley has a band?! I love him beyond words! Thanks for introducing me to this darl! jazzy ♥