Thursday, 4 November 2010

I'm done with my dying

ah, Johnny and Laura.
doesn't raw talent like this just give you a wee bit o' the shivers.
I love these two.
Isn't Johnny's voice absolutely flawless?
(Not to mention he's not half bad to look at, but I've mentioned that on here before a fair few times!)
I think I am going to go see him on the last date of his UK tour in Exeter in December, which is a VERY exciting prospect because I've never seen him live before! But I've heard excellent reports from all my friends who have. I've seen Lazza Marling a couple of times now, though, and she is equally as brilliant.

Watch the video right till the end because the way he says 'cool' after the song itself has finished sort of makes my heart melt!


ps. 'the water' is out now as a single! Show the boy some love. Plus it comes with a lovely B side, Chimney Sweepers, which I bought alone on itunes today since I already had the main track! Huzzah for London folksters. There's nothing quite like 'em.


  1. wow. this is completely brilliant. thank you for sharing.

  2. I will agree with all of your statements here.

  3. I'd never heard of him before! Marling of course (saw her at Latitude and she blew me away). He's definitely the real deal, and yummy to look at to boot jazzy ♥