Saturday, 13 November 2010

If I could be anyone right now......

... it would have to be Clémence Poésy.

She's one cool cat... n'est pas?

Sorry for - yet again - been gone so long. I'm home for the weekend and am currently looking over all my favourite blogs - YOURS if you're lucky.. haha - for the first time in a few weeks. I'll post again soon. Say hello in a comment if you want, that always makes my day, because I'm a sad soul like that.

HOW GOOD was misfits on thursday? Answer: Very.
HOW EXCITED am I for the first installment of Hazza Potts 7? Answer: ridiculously, ridiculously, ridiculously so. Anyone else as freakishly obsessed? Just me? ha....



  1. ohh! i liked her on gossip girl recently. happy weekend!

  2. Oh I love her too! I can't wait to see her in the wedding scenes in Harry Potter :D I'm excited too! x

  3. Snaps! She's amazing! :)

  4. HP7=a big deal. A HUGELY AMAZING BIG DEAL. I cannot wait to see Harry and the gang kick some serious Death Eater you-know-what.
    And you can not be as creepy as I, who has read the 7th book more than 20 times. Um, YEAH.

  5. it's n'est-ce pas