Sunday, 14 November 2010


I'm very much obsessed with The Cheek right now.

The main focal point of my obsession with this band is probably their lead singer Rory...
I am falling truly madly deeply in love with him.


But obviously it's all about the MUSIC, not just the image, so here's a song:

this video is a little clich├ęd in the sense that it is essentially shots of the band interspersed with those of horribly hung-over hipsters wandering around a house. But I'm sure it's ironic. Rory's dancing makes me happy. And it's a bangin CHOOOON.

All their songs are just incredibly catchy. Not sure when the album is FINALLY going to come out, but when it does I will certainly be first in line - and I've heard it on the grapevine that they are very good live, too, so I'm looking out for any headline tour dates of theirs that aren't 3 hours away from me, like the one that's coming up in Selby! Goddangit.

I'm also a big fan of their album artwork, not sure exactly why, I just think they really work;

So yes. Keep your eyes on these chaps....



  1. I'll be sure to check these guys out! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I really appreciate it (: Literally so excited for HP now. I've applied to study English too. Where have you applied to? Ooh, I haven't purchased that jumper so don't worry. Totally jealous you have it though! Have a lovely week.

  2. I am going to go check them out right now - they seem so dreamy! Thanks for sharing, love. Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!! x

  3. He's a beaut, and I love the artwork too!
    Sally x