Saturday, 11 December 2010


My life's been feeling a little bit métro, boulot, dodo recently I'm not gonna lie. But NOW dear friends I am home for a month over the christmas period. Hurrah! I shall now endeavour to post more regularly, with interesting things, etc etc. Let's call it a christmas holiday resolution.
So the next four weeks shall (hopefully) be a fun whirlwind of blogging, sleeping, seeing old friends, spending way too much on train tickets and eating way too much on christmas day. And then realizing a few days into January that I haven't done any of the essays I am supposed be getting on with. Ah, the festive season. Nothing quite like it, is there?

Here's something I've been listening to a lot recently, thanks to a recommendation from my dear friend Katelin:
It's a cover of Robert Palmer's 'Addicted to Love' that dear old Flo has done. S'good.

Sorry this was a shortie - as I've mentioned recently (ish) I'm off to see JOHNNY FLYNN tomorrow night so expect a mammoth post giving yous the lowdown when I get a chance!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will meet him and he'll fall instantaneously in love with me so.. If you fancy saying a little prayer that that might be the case it would be mightily appreciated!! Haha.
Over and out.


  1. wooo hooo for christmas break!! i just started mine too.
    this past week i have been listening to nothing but florence & the machine to get me through the end of classes & term papers.
    how exciting about johnny flynn!! can't wait to see your post about it : )

  2. johnny is SO BEAUTIFUL.

    Also I got Flo's Lungs album and it is heaven. I smiled slightly on that part of "Cosmic Love"... I was like "oooh so darkness I became. that makes so much more sense now."

  3. everything florence does is just pure gold, i love her cover of hospital beds by cold war kids :) x

  4. RE: yeahhhh it can be kind of considered slightly emo-creepy... but you have pictures of fluffy bears (I think?) and pretty flappy birds so 'sall good. If you had a picture of, say, a skull and crossbones then I would be a litttttle concerned...
    But I think the whole point of the album Lungs is to be, like, slightly gothic but not in a scary way. So it actually fits! Ta daaa.