Tuesday, 21 December 2010

och aye

Well guess what..
Despite the hideous problems some travellers have been experiencing this week due to England's incapacity to deal with snow n ting (I know some people who've been stuck in transit between Kenya and home for over 60 hours... Not fun), my madre and I have managed to touch down in Edinburgh. It's as snowy here as it is back home in Wiltshire, as you would expect from Scotland, I suppose (not to generalize or nuffink), and very, very cold!

It's my first time up here, and I haven't really had time to explore yet, buuut I DO have a view of the castle from my window, so I'm liking it so far. I will take a few photos as I mosey around over the next few days getting a feel for the place and doing last minute Christmas shopping!

But I have a question for YOU (yes YOU); if you know Edinburgh at all (if you've even been once you're a step ahead of me) where are your favourite haunts? If there are any natives out there then pray tell, pray tell.

On another note, how happy does this photo make you:

Yes, yes and three times YES.
Misfits is incredible. Anyone who hasn't seen the last two series has missed out... Gowaaaan, give yourself an Xmas treat and stream it online, there are only 6 eps per series sooo it'll give you a couple of days of reclusive snuggle-up-with-a-duvet-and-your-laptop-and-don't-move fun!



  1. I LOVE EDINBURGH. I also live there, so that works out quite happily. I'd be happy to give some recommendations based on what you want to do - eteaket on Frederick St does really nice afternoon teas, Chez Jules on Cockburn St is a lovely French nook in the wall that does a good 'Christmas' 3 course lunch for a bargain price [think snails, french onion soup, coq au vin etc]
    Morningside/Bruntsfield is perfect for a little meander - excellent charity shops there too. Definitely check out the Armstrongs vintage clothes shops, they've got a massive store on Nicholson st and a smaller one opposite the medical school on Forest Rd (I got a real fur cape here!)
    I hear good things about a record shop in tollcross too, though I've never been. And The Cameo cinema in Tollcross is the oldest independent multi-screen cinema in Britain! It shows excellent arthouse and indie movies (you may even find a showing of It's A Wonderful Life)

    I am currently drowning in familial exuberence at home, so perfectly willing to reminisce about being back in the Burgh, ask me anything!

  2. I saw how everyone is all stuck over yonder in Europe on the news... quite depressing and horrible. It would be funny to have all the Europeans live in the US (you know, with all us FAT AMERICANS) because we get lots o snow, at least in the Midwest. And then us Americans could all live in Europe and have the good food and the culture... mmmmmmm. Sounds like a fair switch.

  3. Edinburgh is my ultimate favourite city. It's so beautiful, but I imagine it was pretty damn freezing while you were there.

    I'm obsessed with Misfits of late. Series 2 was even better than the first. The last few episodes and the Christmas special were incredible.