Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Something I'm diggin' right now...

..Mad Men.

(However straight a girl you are, I reckon it's impossible not to find Joan at least a little sexy.)

I love everything about this show. The storylines are gripping, the clothes are gorgeous and it's so beautifully shot.

Another thing:

That's a good read.
I read George Orwell's 1984 a couple of summer's ago and have been wanting to read more in that oh-so-cheery genre of distopian literature.. This is sufficiently different, but equally brilliant.

and ANOTHER thing I'm digging:

Timeless Taupe Crochet Boot

my new boots. uhuh.


ps. there was NO music or even MENTION of music in this post. Well until now..
Gasp. How bizarre.


  1. i'm rather liking your new boots ;)

  2. Actally, 'how bizzare' is the name of a 90's song:
    the belgiums keep playing it!

  3. Do you know that I have never seen a single episode of Mad Men? I really must change that.

    Have you ever read Orwell's Animal Farm? I read it ages ago and adored it. Now I'm planning on reading The Beautiful and Damned, as I am ever so slightly obsessed with Fitzgerald's writing.

    LOVE your new boots!! :)

  4. I've been recodring mad men as they're repeating the ifrst series, can't wait to start watching it! xx

  5. Great shoes! I love them. And I have yet to see Mad Men, but I always love what everyone's wearing in the pictures I see!

  6. 愛,拆開來是心和受兩個字。用心去接受對方的一切,用心去愛對方的所有。......................................................................

  7. I loooooooooooooooove all the clothes in Mad Men!

  8. I enjoy Mad Men, too:) is a source of inspiration for all of us! The 50's were great! even the designers from Louis Vuitton know that!