Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Hello hello.
I had a lovely lovely birthday, so thank you to those super cool people I spent it with!

Here is the promised post of seventeen-ish songs.

I swear there are no really good songs about 16, or 18 for that matter.
Maybe seventeen is a particulary inspirational age(/number)? Who knows.

The newbie:

This track was not, in the end, included on Marina's album, although she has said in emails to her mailing list (yeah, I'm that cool) that she wished it had been. But it was one of my first faves by her - it was included on her first little EP, 'the crown jewels' - and she does it so well live.

The one that I-quite-like-even-though-it's-apparently-not-cool-to-like-KOL-any-more:

Yeah.. I like the song ok? In fact I don't entirely detest the entire album even though the opinion of many seems to be that it blew. But meh, what do I know, eh?

The one that got recommended :

Thank you Meagan!!

The one which isn't-technically-about-the-AGE-seventeen-but-meh-what're-you-gonna-do-about-it?!:

Seventeen Hands - the Maccabees

I love this song.. I love this band. yay.
And a really nice video by someone called Electric Kedgeree. Actually I think it's two people.. I'm not sure. But it's nice, well done them/her/whatever!

And finally, the classic:

Well, it's gorgeous and beautiful and thought provoking and lovely, and makes me feel all sad-happy.
Sad-happy. Yeah.... that is a real emotion, alright?!

Ok, I'm done now!

Sorry for the song overload.

Remember I love you all... and I will post about les camp bestival escapades very soon.