Sunday, 8 August 2010

simply the best (ival)

Excuse the terrible post title... I couldn't resist.

Here are a few choice snaps from camp bestival, taken with the new camera.

If you can see that his fingers read "Chipmunk"..... It was ironic. I swear.

Summer Camp



Lad humour

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic


Ellie Goulding


Friendly Fires


So another good weekend. Bumped into the lead singer of Stornoway outside the dance tent and had a quick chat with him, which was cool, and also went and met Kassidy after they played an unbelievably under-audienced set at the bandstand. They really are epic, in a year I reckon they'll be massive. And such nice guys too!! aah.

Musical stand out acts:

Kassidy - I've gone on enough about them over the last few posts I guess. But they're just BRILL!

Lissie - man that girl has a crackin set of pipes. Best voice of the whole weekend. Dayummm she can sing.

Ellie G - also has a brilliant voice but in a very different way to Lissie. The sort of tremor in her voice which you notice on her records is more prominent live, which is definitely a good thing, it's what makes her unique among so many good female artists around at the mo.

Madness - funsies. One for the oldies but still, so many classics.

Hurts - really really awesome live. They take an opera singer on tour with them which doesn't sound like it would work, but it really does!! Can't wait for their album; I think it comes out in september.

Friendly Fires - what a way to finish the weekend. Just brilliant... and their lead singer's dancing is superb. If a little reminiscent of some sort of gay burlesque club.

Other highlights include.. lots of juggling and diablo at the circus skills area in the children's field (which was probably only designed to cater for the under 13s.. but meh), very cheap tea and toast, mucking around in the dressing up tent, a wee bit o' dubstep, wearing the £5 ball gowns I've mentioned before which we bought at Latitude - albeit only for a few hours! - singing happy birthday to James at the campfire with a load of strangers, seeing an 8 year old do a rather too true to the original (dance move wise) kareoke version of gaga's bad romance, the human jukebox, the silent disco, learning ballet from angelina ballerina, colouring in, and free drinks and crepes on my birthday. Noice.


  1. looks like you had an awesome time (:
    i too appreciate the lead singer from friendly fires' dance skill. absolutely breathtaking haha.

  2. These pictures are spectacular. I like the first one the best!

  3. Carousel? AMAZING. I have lots of love for gaudily painted horses.
    Can't wait to go see Lissie at Bestival - did you go see Unicorn Kid there? My friend fell in love with him at one of his gigs - ran up to him afterwards and stole a kiss, the hussy