Sunday, 15 August 2010

don't let go

Thought I'd write a little about a current obsession of mine..


Eighties-throwback electro duo.

Stunningly good songs,
definitely eighties-inspired, as I said, but also so fresh-sounding somehow.

This song is beautiful,
and listen to that distant sax solo near the end.. Sheer genius, that is.

There's another video up on youtube for this song, an earlier one, which I love equally.. It's simpler, and shot in black and white. It was a hard decision choosing which video to post, but I decided on this one since it's apparently the "official" version. But if you liked the song enough to want to hear it AGAIN, click here to see t'other version.

Oh, and another thing that's beautiful? Lead singer, Theo Hutchcraft.

Boy oh boy, he's one fine looking man. That stare, it's piercing. Aah.

And his stage presence is, albeit a little bizarre, incredible. Always suited up, he carries a black lace handkerchief which he tends to play with idly during songs, along with a lot of hand gestures and eyebrow usage. A definite showman, in the best sense of the word..!

They also take an opera singer on tour with them, which I think I might have mentioned in my Camp Bestival round-up post but it is such a cool fact that it merits being brought up again. He stands, stock still, a little behind Theo and Adam (who does synths and guitar), blasting out backing vocals, often simply in octaves with Theo himself but really boosting the songs from the brilliance of their recorded sound to huge-sounding, epic live tracks. Don't underestimate them because they're only a duo.. the sound is big.

Wonderful Life - the video above - is their next single, and their album, 'Happiness', is released in September.

Here's another good'un, 'Better than Love'. Bit more dancy. Still excellent.

C'mon.. you know you want to look at Theo's sexy smoulder again. Mmhmm!

ta ta.



  1. They are brilliant! I'm gutted I havent got to see them this summer. He really reminds me of a young 80's popstar and I cant think who it is!

  2. Dude, I love the synchronized dancing in the swimming pool. Like elegant mermaids. Ahhhhh.

  3. i absolutely agree :D they are brilliant :)) Theo <3