Wednesday, 2 February 2011


did anyone see the first ep of the new series of skins last week?

Although I feel that some of the characters have potential, I thought it was a MASSIVE let down. The blonde girl is possibly the MOST annoying person I've ever seen, Frankie's acting left.. a little to be desired... some of the scripting was SO awkward... Jeez! The most unbearable thing in my opinion is how it's just so try-hard these days. The first series cast were so realistic, and the episodes had so many funny and truly random bits, whereas now the show is trying SO hard to be alternative that it's just not realistic at all.

Maybe it will improve?

I have a feeling I may have had a similar rant about the second lot, Effie and gang. I maintain my viewpoint.. None will ever beat Tony's lot.


watching last week's episode did help me find out what this song is..

I know it's a terribly uncool way to find music...

but this is a TUNE.

I mean, 1:16 ?!?! It's like REGGAE?!? Where did THAT come from?!!? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. !!!


ps. SORRY as usual I am stuck at school so haven't been able to get on any of your blogs to say hi. I'll be home at the weekend so will pop by if I can..! I still really appreciate comments, sooo, go mad.


  1. Sigh, skins. I miss Effie and Cassie. They're making an American version and it will SUCK. Instead of Maxie it's going to be some girl. BUT MAXIE IS SO ANGELIC <3 *sobs*

  2. RE: I know, right? In my past life I was totally born in England. Jealous that you live there, PS. It sounds ridiculously beautiful.