Saturday, 19 February 2011


I first heard about Alex Winston through her beautiful cover of Jack Penate's 'Pull My Heart Away' which Persephone at 'One Girl and Her Ipod' posted a while back. A few days ago I noticed that she had popped up on my FAVE youtube channel 'Watch Listen Tell', so I decided to check her out properly. She's got an unusual voice, a bit Kate Bush-y I feel, and this is a really fun tune:

As usual I apologize for my absence recently... I'm a haphazard and sporadic blogger. I'm quite busy out in the real world and besides if I posted a lot more regularly they would probably be horrifically boring posts - I don't have that much to say of note!

Hope you're all well.



  1. Awww i love her voice, its so sweet and innocent and gorgeous hair :) <3

  2. she is quite interesting, I kind of like her voice.

    And also, check these people out:

    LCD Soundsystem... they're really cool and funky and almost 80's. This song is kind of long, but listen to it all if you're bored.


    matt & kim. he has such a silly voice. It kind of reminds me of the Wombats.