Sunday, 6 February 2011

Oh, Brother

Despite looking like, as the Guardian so eloquently put it, the cast of 'Oasis: The Musical' in all their publicity shots, and acting a little too arrogant for my taste in interviews, I was pleasantly surprised by the first track I heard from these lads from Slough, Brother, entitled 'Darling Buds of May.'

The buzz around them is all 'return of britpop/"lad" bands' based, so I was expecting to find their first offering relatively hackneyed and underwhelming, but I didn't. In my view it's catchy, cleanly produced and very British. (And apparently it's GRITpop.)

I think perhaps their lead singer should tone down his Liam Gallagher act whilst being interviewed though. He thinks he's a bit too cool for school - yes, I rate this song, but they've still got a way to go as a band - they're not, as they themselves seem to believe, God's newest gift to the music industry. I reckon they have yet to prove themselves. And slagging off every other band currently in existence does not make them any better.

So here's 'Darling Buds of May',
What do you think? Done to death, or fresh in a retro sort of way?



  1. i heard this a week or two ago, apart from not being able to stand the lead singer and he looks just odd in the video, it sounds alright to me. nice bit of 90s-esque fun supergrassy-ness

  2. oh my goodness. they are adorable. & i don't know why.

  3. Ha, they so do look like 'Oasis: The Musical', well said Guardian. I've seen a few features on them and weren't too enamoured but have to admit I do quite like this song. Sally x