Friday, 1 October 2010

Back with a brand new rap

OK I lied, I have no new rap for you.
Shame... Maybe I'll write one.
Probably not since I'm (a) shit at writing any form of song, trust me I've tried and (b) lazy.

Weelllll, I just got home from school for the first tim
e in 4 weeks, which is nice, but it is also tipping it down with rain. And since I returned to an empty house my cat is jumping all over me craving attention. And it's very cold. But hey let's stay positive ! It's nice to be back in my own room.

Yesterday I finally got my grubby little hands on the new Arcade Fire album.
It's pretty magic...

This is probably my favourite track.
It's not your standard arcade fire song, it's quite different, but it's brilliant.

Isn't it wonderful. I don't even really know why it's so epic.. But maybe that is why.


please please pretty please follow this link if you've never seen it before, although I'm sure since you're all uber hip, happening people you will have done.

pleeassseee click it ...

I even put it in LARGE for you in case you're a wee bit malcoordinated and can't click a link without assistance. Aren't I thoughtful?

It's more arcade fire loveliness, and generally the type of thing that gives you shivers it's so brilliant. Such a good idea.

This is a relatively recent purchase of mine...
Obviously when topshop started doing makeup I had to try it... and this shade of lipstick is really fun. And it tastes good too - bonus!

And I want a new pair of shoes.. hrrrmmm.... Having been stuck at school for a month I am suffering a bit of shopping withdrawal syndrome. Which is a bit sad. Stop judging me...!

OH, by the by, I thought I'd update you on one rather major decision that has I've taken over the last month since I've been back at school. Basically, I've always been thinking of applying for Oxford Uni (or Cambridge.. But probably Oxford... for those who might not know you can only apply for one. Which is annoying!) for next year. I want to do English Lit possibly with French too. But recently I've been starting to doubt whether I'd really enjoy it, with all the pressure etc.. And also I've been starting to think that I don't really feel ready to apply now - even though I've got the grades (blah blah blah), I don't think that I've read widely enough, so I don't think I'd have enough to say in the interview to make a decent case for myself. So I've decided that I'm going to take a year out - something which I hadn't really considered before - earn some money, do a little bit of travelling, maybe live in France for a bit etc etc. And then apply for University (Be it Oxbridge or not) next Autumn.

Anyone fancy giving me a bit of a lowdown on gap years... or anything like that? I think I've made the right decision - I'm pretty young in my year anyway and this would give me a bit of time to, y'know, gain some 'life experience' I suppose. Hmmm. And the thought of living in Paris and working at a publishing company (which my French teacher has suggested as an option) sounds mighty appealing... how sophisticated!

A bientot



  1. Gap years are SUCH a good experience. I'm in my third year at uni now, and I can't even fathom having gone straight from school - that year out is an amazing opportunity to take some time off from studying, and learn how to be a grown-up before you go wild at uni.

    I'm studying in Scotland, and the disparity between people that take a year out and those that go straight to uni is enoooooormous -the ones going wild with their new-found freedom, staying up ridiculous hours, missing lectures and not doing anything other than drinking and sleeping? More often than not they're the straight from school kids.

    This is beginning to seem like a parental chat buuuuttt.....I love gap years! When else are you going to have this chance to just do what you want to do, without thinking about studying or careers?


    p.s. Topshop makeup is AWESOME. Helloooo lovely nail colours

  2. AHH ARCADE FIRE. Got this album when it first came out! Was obsessed with Sprawl II for about a week! And then it was Month Of May! And then it was... (etc.) So good. They make me really happy.

  3. i haven't listened to the new album yet but it's high on my hit list.

    why not apply, nothing to lose after all. i took a gap year and it was the best thing i could have done, i needed to time to change as a person and it helped me become more focus and direct about my future

  4. Hey... I was excited for that rap!

    My fave Arcade Fire song is Neighborhoods #4 (Kettles)

  5. Taking some time off can be a great experience! Especially when you are motivated to go back to school. I know some people who never go back to school when taking a break, yet others do. Traveling sounds like a great adventure!