Thursday, 7 October 2010

look up, look up


When I looked up the vid for this song I wasn't expecting it to be quite like this... But I think it works!

First heard about these chappies through the Bubble Boy, actually, who recommended their remix of Marina & The Diamonds' Hollywood - which, by the way, is EPIC, check it out!! Just wait for the drop, man.. yeah... sick..yeh.
(But do, and if you're lazy/short of time, skip to about 1:36 to hear it.. but you may as well hear the build up too raaiiighhttt?)


they seem like fine young lads, having a fun time in the music bizniz, and producing some bangin' choons. Go Fenech-Soler. Woop.



  1. that is a pretty snazzy picture, thing theyre wearing DavidDavid too, or very similar to his prints

  2. I love these guys. Got their album recently and it's fantastic. 'Demons' is especially great.

  3. i love marina and the diamonds! great choice of music ha ha :) xxx