Saturday, 18 September 2010


Hello hello!!

It has been a while too long, and I really am sorry.. I have missed blogging, and missed reading all your blogs too.. Grrr! Basically the dilemma is that I am stuck at school, and our internet system has changed so now all blogs are blocked. And now I'm using a USB internet stick thingiemabob, which is soo ridiculously slow I don't even know if this is going to post properly! And it's too slow for me to be able to comment on any other blogs either.. I am sorry! Thank you so much for some of the lovely comments I've been getting recently, I really do appreciate them and if my stupid computer would let me comment back I would have done in an instant..!

the cherry blossom girl

Here's a little update on my life..

So, I'm back at school for my last year, and feeling thoroughly unprepared for A levels, uni applications et al. But let's not discuss that now. My way of dealing with my distinct lack of preparation is... not thinking about it all. Is that sensible? Probably not. Meh.

What else?

OH YES, last weekend, exactly a week ago from now, in fact, I went to see Muse at Wembley.
YES mofos.
Blimey it was a good night. I was also there with a friend who is quite possibly the most avid Muse fan you will ever meet... I was a little worried he would pass out when he saw Matt Bellamy walk onstage, and then miss the entire show. Amusing as that would have been..!

As anyone who has read my rantings and musings before (pun unintended) will probably know that I don't usually listen to bands that are THAT massively big, so it was genuinely the biggest most spectacular gig I've ever been to. Those three really do know how to put on a great show!

The support was incredible too, I am arrows, White Lies, who I have a rekindled love for now, and Biffy Clyro. And then Muse, muse, muse... They definitely deserve their accolade 'Best Live Band' which is so often attributed to them.

The set was based on 1984 by George Orwell, which made me love it even more since that's one of my all-time favourite books. There was even a massive, blinking eye at the top of the massive building-like structure. Cooool.

And they performed some of their set from a little platform which rose up right into the centre of the stadium. Standard.

Then, during their Exogenesis Symphony, they released a massive silver balloony UFO thing which flew round the entire stadium with a Gaga-esque acrobat dangling from it. Mental.

A very, very good show. Man. Still not really over it!

What else is going on with me....

I got the Hurts album as soon as it was released - you might remember I did a post about them in the summer sometime, since Theo Hutchcraft is so undeniably beautiful.

It's an unbelievably epic debut. They sound like a well established 80s pop duo, with a couple of albums already under their belts. This is my personal favourite. the chorus is epic. A 'fist clenching ballad' as the good old NME dubbed it.
LISTEN. And clench yo fist. And sing along. They've got a damn CHOIR in the background.. aawwesssommee.

I apologise again for my long absence..! I will try and post as soon as I can!
lots of love

ps. The lovely Anna from Electric Crave has tagged me in a sort of awardy questiony thing, and in order to do it full justice I am going to postpone my question answering till my next post, since I have to dash off now and make a crumble!! But thank you, Anna, and I will answer soon! :)


  1. Muse is wonderful! Vairy jealous. Also-I got a Laura Marling album today, under your very good influence. Yaaaay.

  2. I'm glad you are back! 1984 is on my top three favorite books too! Me and George Orwell have the same birthday. :D

  3. Also, I saw Muse in concert about three-four years ago, and they are probably the best band I've seen live. I almost prefer them live haha

  4. no blogs at school rule, geeeez!

    i've sort of lost interest in muse over the last few years but i bet that line up was wicked, well worth the cash. ohh yeah i'll give tha hurts album a listen.

  5. wonderful wonderful post :) love the images.

  6. Okay, as much as I didn't love 1984 (school assigned reading means that I hate it instantly, with the exception of The Great Gatbsy), I really dig this post.