Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sorry for....

... being AWOL, as usual.

I'm in Copenhagen (oh, you jetsetter you) at the moment, but back home tomorrow. The next few days are going to be spent frantically trying to find ANY and EVERY way to distract myself from the ever-nearing horror of Thursday. Thursday the 18th of August. At 6AM on said date I will receive an email from school containing 3 rather important grades. Ha... Ha.... Hah... LET'S NOT THINK ABOUT THAT!

Here's a song. A friend and I watched the remake of the film 'Arthur' the other night starring my beloved Russell Brand, and I must say it's one of the sweetest and funniest things I've seen in a long while! Ah Russell. Although he might not be considered a top-notch actor, in a film like this where he is basically playing himself he copes pretty well! I remarked that it's sort of like watching him doing a stand-up act, but just with a storyline round it. And there's nothing wrong with that, is there!

Plus, STELLAR original soundtrack. I nearly had a heart attack when about halfway through the film during one sweet little montage or another I heard the unmistakeable tones of one Mr. Ben Gibbard...


  1. I'm guessing this is the same person from Postal Service & Deth Cab. It's a good song, he was always bursting with creative energy. Just can't seem to stop making music. I admire that a lot about people, since I am musically challanged/can't play an instrument/can't sing to a good potential.

    ps. I bough Sigh No More (M&S) and BDBHKSUG they are my favorite people ever along with Laura Marling at the moment. It's just, like, so gorgeous.

  2. I need more blogs like this to follow. Simple and intriguing. And I'm pretty sure the mutual admiration for DCFC sealed the deal. That's it. Im sold. Totally following u. Keep up the good work. Follow back? I could always use a new cool follower lol. Hope we can keep each other entertained ;)