Monday, 1 August 2011


In just under two hours time I will be an adult

I know I left school nearly a month ago now, but the truth is being so young in my year group has meant that I have been putting a hella lot of important things off until the day (02.08.11) has arrived. "I can't possibly expect to be given job yet, I'm not even 18!", "I'll start thinking about driving after my birthday" ..... etc. Although knowing me I'll continue to do the exact same thing, except replacing "birthday" with "results day" - "I can't start thinking about university until after I know where I stand in terms of A level grades"...... Gee, procrastination.

So, let's lay it down - 2 hours and I'll be adult who has the next year to do these things:
Apply to university
Get a job to earn some DOUGH
Interrail round Europe
Take a singing diploma
And finally get round to learning to drive.........



I'm having a joint partay on Saturday with a friend whose birthday it is today. The theme's 'musical icons'. Me, doing a MUSICAL theme? Shocker!


  1. Awh Happy Birthday! 18 and 19 are just GREAT years!

  2. haaaaaappppy birthday! growing up stinks but I guess you have to do it sometime.