Saturday, 9 April 2011

Brief life update

At the beginning of the week I was here:

And also here:


And played a concert here:

(luxembourg gardens, Paris)

pretty cool huh.


  1. wait, you PLAYED a show? as in you were on the stage and the other people were cheering at you?

    p.s. I've never even gone to Europe! grrr jealousssss

  2. OMGOMG. you sing=the coolest thing EVA. omggggg. (I am a teen girl.) that's so cooooool. i imagine, like, a crazy badass hipster band??? agh. too cool. I kind of sing too but I have no musical instrument skillz so I cn't really do anything with my singing. although I am in the musical Cats this summer!

    Yeah, I got international stamps cuz my brothers g-friend lives in france right now. so you will totally see my zine.

  3. wow!! this is so awesome!!