Monday, 10 January 2011

Si vous aimez..

If you like: Passion Pit, MGMT, + a bit of the old 'girly vocals' thrown in for good measure:

It's a good song. Very good. Especially loud. And all the 'Passion Pit want their sound back' jibes are, in my opinion, pointless, because when bands are making good music like this why does it matter if it is reminiscent of another, equally good, band? It does sound like Passion Pit, but I don't mind. It has that ability that certain songs do to make you feel really, really happy.

I read an article about this lot in the NME and it made me really warm to them - they hail from New Zealand, where, as far as I know, not that much music is made, really. They've worked and worked and worked, and have managed to be the first New Zealand-ish band to have a number 1 out there in 3 years - let alone with a debut, that hasn't been done for 16. Blimey. Good work, The Naked and Famous...


  1. Their album is really great. I love this song and video so much. Despite the bittersweet lyrics, it kind of conjures up ideas of The Best Summer Ever™,