Friday, 23 July 2010

hello, jello

I'm back from my Latitudinal excursions!!

Super super super fun weekend.

One not so great thing was that I managed to lose my digital camera on the first night.. I put it down next to me in the poetry tent, skipped off merrily a while later to go see kitty daisy and lewis in a blues brothers' tribute night (AWESOME) and as soon as I reached their stage I realized I didn't have my camera.. But by the time I got back to where I had been in the poetry tent literally 5 minutes earlier it had gone :(

Bad times. SO I forked out for a small fortune's worth of disposable cameras.. which is all well and good, until I went to Boots today and got a nasty surprise when I remembered how much film costs to develop!! So not only am I out the 20 or so quid I spent on the cameras themselves, it's going to cost me even more than that to get the photos themselves...

BUT STILL then one upside is that disposable photos are so fun. I love the fact that I haven't seen my photos yet, and will be getting them on sunday. It's something to look forward to, eh?


Other highlights of the weekend include...


- buying ball gowns for a fiver (!)

- rushing from the maccabees to the midnight beast to noah and the whale and managing to catch awesome sets from all three

- a Blues Brothers movie night in the film tent, which was set up like a gospel church with live music and an epic priest. Can I get an A..MEN

- having one of my childhood best friends turn up out of the blue

- putting loads of effort into face paint masks for a masked ball that we never actually got to

- eating pure pie (tm). it's a festival tradition for us now.

- the little GAYMERS STAGE, that was where it was AT.

- discovering new bands & comedians (personal faves: Kassidy, Eric Lampaert, Ivo Graham)

- being smushed at the front for Mumford & Sons.. so worth the 2 hour wait

- Darwin Deez's dancing (oooh alliteration)

- meeting Simon Amstell!! yay

- "DMC"s with strangers

- spending the last night in performers' camping... they had REAL TOILETS. What luxury.

I bet I remember far more interesting titbits from the weekend as soon as I click publish post.

One thing that was NOT COOL was some of the clashes.
The National at the same time as Florence...
The XX at the same time as B&S...

But to finish, here is a song by Kassidy.
They are really very good.. I'm very excited to see them again at camp bestival next week!

I will post a few photos once I have them..!



  1. love BELLE & SEBASTIAN! shame about the clashes though

  2. eeeee.
    sounds like you had a real good time.
    sorry to hear about the camera!

  3. Yay for Latitude, I was there too! We ended up avoiding clashes by seeing both :)

    tweet tweet tweet


  4. Latitude sounds amazing, wish i had the chance to go. I dont know if you remember my last blog, i deleted it? but im back, anyway haha (: x