Saturday, 10 July 2010

have a heart, have a heart

I'm horribly, terribly, disastrously sorry that I have been gone for so long.



And free for the summer.

and oh my, it will be fun.....

Latitude in a few days baby!!!

Right now I'll try and talk about something interesting....

I think Sleigh Bells are quite cool.
(the band not the .. jingly things..)

I suppose their stuff is sort of.... noise pop? but with a tinge of hip-hop..
so, if you have read this blog at all before, you may notice it doesn't sound like my usual musical cup of tea!!

all their songs are energetic, with super catchy riffs - chaotic, spiky guitar with pop princess vocals over the top.

here's one, "rill rill", which is somehow not quite as angular as some of their other songs, it's actually just quite a sweet song, with a well-used sample from Funkadelic's classic 'can you get to that', and I love the bit in the middle when it breaks down into just singing and percussion. PRETTY SICK MAN

And if you liked that, this one is what I meant by 'spiky', 'angular' etc, be prepared to be blown away by the angry start to this song, but dayuummm it's catchy and the vocals just contrast so brilliantly.

So that's enough from me for this evening..

However, I will be posting [vaguely] consistently from now until september! huzzah!

Probably will think of something scintillating to post tomorrow,

over and out.


  1. Yay for latitude! So excited.

    Glad you're back :D x

  2. wish i was going to lats, one of my friends is going. grrrr